Saturday, October 23, 2010

Art Nouveau's influence today

This week I got to play with a friend's large stash of glossy, high-end fashion magazine collection while I was helping her with a collage.  I was immediately struck by how much some of the Art Nouveau sensibilities have snuck back into our advertising lately (last couple of years), especially the work of graphic artist, Ramid Malinic.  After finding out his name when I was researching the Smirnoff ad (middle), I looked for more of his work.  A small sampling is shown below:

 The flourishes, definite nature themes and swirls are definitely taken from the Art Nouveau.  Ramid has replaced the typical female form with product, updated the colors and modernized the stylings but the influence is there.  I'm not the only one who has noticed this -- while looking at his work on the web, many of the sites I visited commented on this.

This style has also crept back into other advertisements, with the advent of computer graphics.  Flourishes and swags, birds and flowers, are now layered in the background of many ads.  Once I made this connection, I'm now looking at ads differently -- its like playing "where's waldo" when looking through magazines.  

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