Friday, October 8, 2010


Right now the topics in my Typography class overlap with History of Graphic Arts.  It almost feels like cheating -- learning about something in one class that you can apply in another -- but hey, I'll take it!!

In both classes, we are learning about the development of writing and typography.  I really like all the links that are included in my Typography class and thought I'd list them here for others and for future reference:

Paper, Leather, Clay & Stone: The Written Word Materialized

A Brief History of Typefaces

Short Video: Typography is What Language Looks Like

Aspect of the Victorian Book

In addition, I thought I'd add Kevin Steele's wonderful pop-up book on typography here.  It was part of the gallery show for the Moveable Book Society's conference that I went to last month.  Most of the people at the conference were graphic artists of some kind and we all agree that Kevin should have this book mass-produced -- its that good -- but right now it is a handmade one-of-a-kind.  The YouTube video shows the book in action and is very well produced and clear:

The write-up for this book and the rest of the show can be found at:

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